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Welcome to the web site of Niskayuna Fire District No. 2 and the Niskayuna Fire Company. The Fire District is a political subdivision of the State of New York and is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners consisting of 5 members. Commissioners serve for 5 year terms with 1 normally being elected each December by a vote of registered voters within the District. The District employs a part time secretary treasurer and 2 full time station keepers. Manpower for the operations of the District is provided by volunteers of the Niskayuna Fire Company.

The Fire District provides the buildings,tools and equipment required by the members of the Company to perform their work.It is in order to provide these resources that the District establishes an annual budget and levies taxes on the properties within the District. Initially, when the District was first formed years ago, our mission was predominantly fire fighting. Today we, as with most Fire Districts, provide a level of emergency medical and rescue response as well. Fire District No. 2 does not provide medical transport services. These are normally provided by Mohawk Ambulance Service in our District although sometimes we call on our neighboring Niskayuna Fire District No.1 and the Town of Colonie Emergency Medical Services. When transported by an ambulance service the cost is normally invoiced to the patients insurance.

The Chief Officers are elected by the Fire Company and appointed by the Fire District and they report to the Board of Fire Commissioners. Our efforts are supported by mutual aid agreements with our surrounding Fire Districts and by the Schenectady County Emergency Manager and Fire Coordinator.

The District currently owns and maintains the fire station on Troy Road, 2 class A fire pumpers, a mini pumper, a heavy rescue, a medical response truck, an air boat for water rescue, a pickup truck and a utility vehicle( former Chief's vehicle) and 3 Chief's vehicles.

So that's who we are and what we do. The volunteers of the company do a great job, spend many hours, and respond to approximately 600 calls per year.

Thanks for visiting our website. If you're a resident of our District please consider joining the Fire Company , attending our budget hearing in October and/or voting in the District election (for Fire Commissioner) in December.

Gary R. Male, Chairman, Board of Fire Commissioners


The Niskayuna Fire Company was organized in 1942, after a number of serious fires. A group of Home Guards and Air Raid Wardens recognized the need for fire protection in the south east part of town.

Our first engine was a 1939 Chevy Truck which was converted to a Fire Engine by the members. The first "station" was a barn on Lishakill Road. In 1948 a station was constructed on Rosendale Road, and two new Ford Fire Engines were purchased. In 1953 a station was built on Troy Road, at the site of our current station. By 1992, we had outgrown out two small stations. Construction began on our new station, and we moved in in 1993.

Currently We have over 45 members, who are all volunteers, and over 20 are trained to provide emergency medical care.

Our Team

Board Of Commissioners:
Gary Male, Chairman
Gordon Zuckerman
Bud Wyman
Don Miller
Tom Moran
Tammy Insognia, Treasurer/Secretary  (Email)

Line Officers:
Charlie Friderici, Chief  (Email)
Chris Nobes, 1st. Asst. Chief  (Email)
Gerry Barbiero, 2nd Asst. Chief  (Email)
Josh Snitkoff, Fire Captain
Spencer Lichorat, Rescue Captain
Angelo Ferrara, 1st. Lieutenant
Mark Stuart, 2nd. Lieutenant
David Battaglia, 3rd Lieutenant
Jesse Holland, Fire Police Captain
Jason Germain, Fire Police Lieutenant

How We Serve

Our members volunteer their time not only for emergency and non emergency responses, but spend a significant amount of their time training to be able to successfully respond to any situation we may encounter. We hold drills weekly, and members attend classes both locally and at the State Fire Academy. Our members respond day and night to all types of calls including: Medical Emergencies, Fires, Auto accidents, Carbon Monoxide alarms, Water emergencies and other emergencies as well. Our members also offer Fire Prevention training at our schools during Fire Prevention Week, and host an open house which offers a Halloween twist to Fire Prevention.


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February 16, 2015
NFD 2 call volume off to a record start.

March 6, 2015
Blood Drive at Troy Road Station, 2pm to 7pm

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