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For the complete form, please download the PDF, or Word version, fill it out, and return completed form to our fire department by mail or in person.

Niskayuna Fire District #2 is a Volunteer Fire Department, we are always seeking new members. We provide an exciting and rewarding way to be an active member of the community. Whether you are interested in Fire Fighting, or Emergency Medical Services, we encourage to fill out an application or stop by on a Monday evening during drill and meet our members, and find out more about what we do.

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I understand that if offered a position, I must complete a physical examination prescribed by the District physician, in accordance with District policy.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and complete, without purpose of evasion or falsification. I understand that if any information is later found to be false, it will be cause for rejection or invalidation of this application.

Furthermore, if accepted, I agree to conduct myself according to the By-Laws of the constitution of this fire company and fully understand that failure to conduct myself accordingly will be just cause for disciplinary action.


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