For over 81 years, the volunteers of Niskayuna Fire District 2 have answered the call when dispatched to a wide range of emergencies including structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, water rescues, and medical emergencies.

Niskayuna Fire District 2 has remained a valuable member of the community through open houses, fire prevention education, and making life-saving training programs available to the residents of our Town.

While much has changed since 1942, one thing has stood the test of time – the need for willing volunteers from our community! 

There are four different volunteer categories within Niskayuna Fire District 2 meaning that there is a job for virtually everyone!

Firefighter – Possibly most commonly associated with firefighting, the volunteer firefighter is trained in the New York State Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations and Interior Firefighter Operations Courses initially certifying them as Class A Structural Interior Firefighters.

Emergency Medical Technician – Volunteer EMTs are certified as New York State Basic Level EMTs and provide initial life-saving care during medical emergencies in our community ranging from sick persons to major traumatic injuries.

Fire Police – Volunteer Fire Police officers provide needed scene security allowing for firefighting operations, hazard mitigation, or emergency medical care through controlling access to an emergency scene and facilitating the flow of vehicle traffic around an emergency scene.

Junior Firefighter – Our newest category of membership, the Junior Firefighter Program allows Town youth, ages 16-17, to experience firefighting in a controlled environment.  Junior Firefighters participate in training activities, have access to some State courses, and get to observe responses to emergency calls under the direct supervision of a senior firefighter. 

If you are interested in volunteering with us, simply fill out the application below and return it to us on any Monday Night at 7:00 PM!  We look forward to hearing from you!